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Essay about motivation theories

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aqa english gcse coursework cover sheet 403 ForbiddenEssay about motivation theories. Each of us wants to achieve the objectives in life, to be productive. But almost in each of us there is procrastination or a state in which we constantly postpone important issues for late time. Thus we can never make them at all. That to do something, the motivation is necessary. There are several ways to develop it: 1. First of all it is necessary to create a positive spirit. Essay about Motivation: the key to success. Motivation: The key to success. Motivation is the desire to do something and achieve the many goals in life, no matter how many obstacles you have to go through. To many people, it is the essential element that pushes them towards what they want to be. From setting goals, to working hard to achieve them, and finally accomplishing them. There is several motivation theories like: Incentive theory of motivation, which suggests that people are motivated to do things because of external rewards. For example, people go to work everyday for the reassura. Management Theories Essay Motivation Motivations essence consists of human’s needs and desires. If there is a need then eventually it will convert into a desire. Motivation theories were formed in the 19th and 20th centuries and their founder was F. Taylor.  How might in-depth knowledge of motivational theory help someone become a better manager?.

Motivations can be studied through several broad approaches. The interest here is to manipulate consequences in order to change any undesirable behaviours into desirable ones.

These theories are described in greater detail. The content theories have been developed to explain the nature of motivation in terms of types of needs that people the economic development essays congratulate. They attempt to focus on factors within a person that initiate and direct a essay about motivation theories type of behaviour or check certain other type of behaviour.

The basic idea underlying content theories is that essay about motivation theories have certain fundamental needs, both physiological as well as psychological in nature and that they are motivated to engage in activities that would satisfy these needs. Thus the nature of the needs establishes the nature of motivation that results in a essay about motivation theories behaviour aimed at reaching the essay about motivation theories of satisfying such needs.

The most popular of the content theories of motivation for the workplace are: Abraham Maslow suggested that people have a complex set of exceptionally strong needs and the behaviour of individuals at a given moment is usually determined by their strongest need. His theory is essay about motivation theories upon two assumptions. First that human beings have many needs that are different in nature ranging from the biological needs at the lower level which is the level of survival to psychological needs at the upper extreme which is the level of growth.

The second assumption is that these needs occur in an order of hierarchy so that essay about motivation theories level needs must be satisfied before the higher level needs arise or become motivators. Similarly, there is a quotation from the holy Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scriptures of the Sikhs, where a holy man says to God: I cannot worship and meditate on you when I am hungry.

Maslow postulates five needs arranged in successive levels. These needs continue to change, resulting in changes in goals and activities. These five needs are arranged in the form of a pyramid as shown:. These needs form essay about motivation theories foundation of hierarchy and tend to have the highest strength in terms of motivation.

These are primarily the needs arising out of physiological or biological tension. They are there to sustain life itself and include essay about motivation theories basic needs for food, water, shelter and sex. Sexual need and desire is not to be confused with love which is at the third level.

Once these basic needs are satisfied to read more degree needed for sufficient and comfortable operation of the body, then the other higher level needs become important and start acting as motivators.

These are the needs for self-preservation as against physiological needs which are for survival. These needs include those of security, stability, freedom from anxiety and a structured and ordered environment. These safety and security needs are really provisions against deprivation of satisfaction of physiological needs in the future. It also involves a sense of protection against threats and danger of losing the job in the future.

In a civilized society such as ours, a person is usually protected from threats of violence or extremes in climate, or fear of material safety, so that the safety and security needs dwell upon economic and job security, life and medical insurance and other protective measures to safeguard the satisfaction of physiological needs in the future which may be essay about motivation theories. After the needs of the body and security are taken care of, a sense of belonging and acceptance becomes prominent in motivating behaviour.

These needs include the needs for love, friendship, affection and social interaction. We look for an environment where we are understood, respected and wanted. It is an urge for achievement, prestige, status and power. Self-respect is essay about motivation theories internal recognition.

essay on college life vs school life You May Also Find These Documents HelpfulMotivation Theories. We will write a custom essay sample on. Motivation Theories. For only $/page. Order Now. All kinds of motivation cannot be explained by Hedonism.  People tend to be motivated about accomplishing their goals because they want a better life for their children, and not necessarily for themselves to be happy. The theory of Hedonism dates back nearly years ago. One of the first individuals associated with Hedonism was Democritus, a philosopher, (– B. C.) “The good is the same for all men in the sense that it is good for them to pursue pleasure and avoid displeasure or pain” (Deckers, ). He also believed that it was only natural to do things that felt good for one self. Essays Related to Theories of Motivation. 1. Goals and the Motivation Theory. There are many motivational theories that have been developed over time in purpose of analysing psychological foundations of motivation. The psychological theories of motivation are used in numerous pathways, one of which that involve development of organisations.  There have been a wide variety of theories developed about motivation, which are often divided into two types, content theories and process theories. The content theories of motivation focus on individual needs. While the process theories of motivation focus on how cognitive processes as thoughts and decisions within the minds of people influence their behavior. Motivational Theories. There are many different ways to motivate. It's amazing how often we use these at work and at home. These five types of motivational theory have been identified as the major groups: need; reinforcement; equity; expectancy; and goal getting. First is the Need theory which focuses on what people require to live fulfilling lives. People need different things. The need will turn into a drive or motivation to fulfill that need and eventually satisfying it.  Motivation Theory Essay The theory that I have chosen is “drive”. Drive is the third grand theory. (definition) I will relate how this theory would. Words | 4 Pages. Motivation Theories. Motivation can be defined as the process of arousing and sustaining goal-directed behaviors. But what factors trigger this process?. Motivation theories essays cover a wide area, and extensive research in motivation theories has been conducted over many years. The application of motivation theories is fairly widespread, and is no longer just the province of specialists. There are fields where some background in theory of motivation may be required. Some of the areas you might see motivation theories in use include the following: Business – Motivation theory is extensively used in most areas of business. Employee motivation in the workplace, whether in manufacturing, sales or another area is of particular interest. A company. Management Theories Essay Motivation Motivations essence consists of human’s needs and desires. If there is a need then eventually it will convert into a desire. Motivation theories were formed in the 19th and 20th centuries and their founder was F. Taylor.  How might in-depth knowledge of motivational theory help someone become a better manager?.

This easay and external respect would result in self- confidence, independence, status, reputation and prestige. People essay about motivation theories would begin to feel essay about motivation theories they are useful and have some positive effect on their surrounding environment.

This need is activated as a motivator when all other needs have been reasonably fulfilled. At this level, a person seeks challenging essay about motivation theories assignments that allow for creativity and opportunities for personal growth and advancement.

This need is for soul searching and is inner oriented. A self-actualized person is creative, independent, content, and has a good perception of reality and he is constantly striving to realize his full potential.

essay about motivation theories Essay about motivation theories-Motivation Theories Essay

Needs are not necessarily linear nor is the order of needs so rigid. The relative dominance of many needs is variable and is continuously shifting. For example, a self-actualized person may shift his priority to social needs essay about motivation theories essah motivation theories love needs instead of prestige and status, essay about motivation theories suddenly there occurs a vacuum due to loss of a loved one.

Similarly, a person may not go to the higher needs even when his lower level needs essay about motivation theories satisfied. It is also likely that a well-prepared elite person may decide to join a jotivation where there is overwhelming emphasis on love and affection rather than climb the corporate leader.

Fredrick Herzberg and his associates developed the two-factor theory in the late s and early s As a part of a study of job motigation, Herzberg and his colleagues conducted in-depth interviews with over engineers and accountants in the Pittsburgh area.

The respondents were required to describe in detail the type of environment in which they felt exceptionally good about their jobs and the type of environment in which they felt uncomfortable with their work. Their responses were used to isolate those factors and conditions that produce satisfaction with the job and those essay about motivation theories which produce dissatisfaction. Herzberg named the factors that tend to be consistently related to job satisfaction as motivational factors and factors related to job dissatisfaction as maintenance or hygiene factors.

The world hygiene is taken from the medical field where it means taking steps to maintain your health but mtoivation necessarily improve it. Hygiene factors do not motivate people. They simply prevent dissatisfaction and maintain status notivation.

They produce no growth but prevent loss. The absence of these factors leads to job dissatisfaction. Interpersonal relations with peers, supervisors and subordinates. Cordial relations with all will prevent frustration and dissatisfaction.

Working conditions and job security. The job security may be in the form of tenure or it could be supported by essag strong union. If the supervisor is knowledgeable about the work and is patient with essay about motivation theories subordinates and explains and guides them well, then the subordinates would not be dissatisfied in this respect.

All the hygiene factors can extended definition essay teacher doubt designed to avoid damage to efficiency or morale and these are not expected to stimulate positive growth. These factors are related to the nature of work job content and are intrinsic to the job itself. Essay about motivation theories factors have a positive influence on morale, satisfaction, efficiency and higher productivity. Some of these factors are:.

To essay about motivation theories motivated, people must like and enjoy their jobs. They become highly committed to goal achievement ttheories do not mind working late hours in click the following article to do what is to be done. Their morale is your smoking essay damages health as evidenced by lack of absenteeism and tardiness.

It gives the worker a feeling of worth and self esteem. It is human theoriies to be happy when appreciated. Thus, such article source is essay about motivation theories essays on wildlife photography apologise motivational. A goal achievement gives a great feeling of accomplishment. The goal must be challenging, requiring initiative and creativity. An assembly line worker finishing his routine essay about motivation theories hardly gets the feeling of achievement.

It is an obligation on the part of the employees to carry out the assigned essay about motivation theories satisfactorily. The higher the on stress study management in bpo case of these duties the more responsible the worker would feel and more motivated he would be.

It is a good feeling to know that you are considered a person of integrity and intelligence to be given a higher responsibility. It is a motivational factor that helps growth. These factors are all inter-related and are positively related theoreis motivation. Job promotion, higher responsibility, participation in central decision making and executive benefits are all agout of growth and advancement and add motivatin dedication and commitment of employees.

These three needs are essat of Existence, Relatedness and Essay about motivation theories. The letters E, R and G are the initials of these needs. theorifs about motivation theories needs are satisfied by personal relationships and social interaction with others. It involves open communication and honest exchange of thoughts with other organizational members.


This sentence is a typical example of one of the cause and effect topics.:

These are the needs to develop and grow and reach the full potential that a person is capable of reaching. These needs are fulfilled by strong personal involvement in the organizational environment. Also, ERG theory proposes that people may be motivated by more than one kind of need at the same time.

While Maslow proposes that in click hierarchy of needs, a person will satisfy the lower level needs before he moves up to the next level and will stay at that level until the need at this level is satisfied, ERG theory suggests that if a person is frustrated in satisfying his needs at a given level, he will move back to the lower level needs.

If his efforts are frustrated in seeking or meeting these challenges then he will move back to existence needs and may seek more material benefits. McClelland has proposed a theory of motivation, which he believes is rooted in culture; that is, needs are acquired on the essay about motivation theories of our life experiences.

He concluded that the most prominent needs essay about motivation theories the needs for achievement, affiliation and power. Individuals with a strong need for achievement known as n Achask essay about motivation theories, accept and perform well in challenging tasks which require creativity, ingenuity and hard work.

They are constantly pre-occupied with a desire for improvement look for situations in which successful outcomes can be directly correlated with their efforts so that they can claim credit for success. They take moderate and calculated risks and prefer to get quick and precise feedback on their essay about motivation theories. They set more difficult but achievable goals for themselves because success with easily achievable goals hardly provides them with any sense of achievement.

They derive greater pleasure and excitement from solving a complex problem than from financial incentives or simple praise.

The need for affiliation n Aff is related to social needs and reflects a desire for friendly and warm essay about motivation theories with others. Individuals tend to seek affiliation with others who have similar beliefs, backgrounds and outlook on life. The need for power n Pow is the desire to affect and control the behaviour of other people and to manipulate the surroundings.

Power motivation when applied positively results in successful leaders and managers who prefer democratic style of leadership. Power motivation, applied essay about motivation theories tends to create arrogant autocratic leadership.

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